The freedom and success enjoyed by prominent businesspersons attracts a lot of envy from many; this explains the exponential rise in people calling themselves entrepreneurs. Those actively involved in the business are entrepreneurs, while the individuals with dreams of owning a business are known as “wantrepreneurs”. To become an entrepreneur one ought to be passionate about business, take action, implement the idea, and finally be dedicated and ready to sacrifice.

Nathalie is an entrepreneur; a blogger and an expert in global business strategy dedicated to ensuring all “wantrepreneurs” achieve their dreams of owning their own businesses. She is the founder of this website comprised of blogs, podcast, and a training community that trains wantrepreneurs to build a profitable online business.

Nathalie is of Latin origin and a daughter of immigrants. She launched her first website at 21, and she has experienced tremendous growth in online marketing. She joined college at a tender age specializing in art and engineering; eventually she dropped out and pursued her dream of running a dot com website. Nathalie lives with her partner of 15 years and their two children, Kate and Kyle. During her free time they enjoy traveling with the children to exotic locations, trying new foods and teaching the kids a new language whenever possible. Becoming successful is only part of her dream; Nathalie also wants to help those with a drive succeed in creating their own dream of self-employment.

This website specializes in offering resources, advocacy and research to create a conducive environment for women venturing in entrepreneurship. Currently, the program operates the partnership with successful entrepreneurs and investors. This website contains well-researched and articulated articles that are helpful and resourceful to women and other interested parties of all ages.

On staff we have a highly trained team of professionals who all have excellent track of records of entrepreneurship. They provide mentorship and support through active sessions, information on training, workshops and competitions that are aimed at enhancing personal development. They are quick to respond to emails, chats and answer to calls. Nathalie decided to start the program after realizing there were many women interested in becoming successful entrepreneurs but lacked support. She also had a first -hand experience of how tough it was to penetrate and hold key positions in the male-dominated business sector. She spearheads entrepreneurship strategy and strongly advocates for women-owned businesses.