Essential Tips For Picking A Business Name

Sure, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but businesses are judged by their name all the time. If a name has impact, it can break all records in the attention it grabs. However, a lackluster name would not only fail to pull in customers but might even fall before it takes its first steps – i.e. no investors.

Here are some amazing tips to follow while picking a business name –

Stickiness – A business name needs to be memorable and should stay in the public conscience for years to come. However, the risk with this tip is that it could be a trend that might not last for the decades to come. For instance, dot com companies.

Stick To Accepted Spellings – Instead of changing spellings of established words, businesses should stick to the original spelling. This makes it easier for people to spread the word and Google the business. For instance – Hot Wheels.

Basics Win – It’s never recommended to be overly clever when it comes to the name. Basics are the best. Just because it worked for Google doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. For instance – “Subway” is basic but works.

Short Words – Choose a name that doesn’t have more than two syllables and works both as a noun and a verb. There are many directory listings and algorithms working alphabetically which is why it is best to stay close to the beginning of the alphabets. For instance – “Yahoo!” Is short and memorable.

Sense Is Important – Nonsensical words in the English language might not be so nonsensical in another language. Many businesses have faced this embarrassment and it is an important point to take care of if you plan on going global with your business. For instance – Iran detergent “Barf” means snow for Iranians but something else for the people living in the area where the product is sold.

Match It With The Work – The name of the business should match with the kind of services or utilities that are being offered. It should also reveal that basic moral ground of the business. For instance – “One Tribe Apparel” which reveals a clothes brand that focuses on unity and diversity at the same time.

Finally, it is important to pick a name making sure that the url would be available for all three of the common suffixes – .com, .net, and .info. Plus, it should also be up for grabs in the common country suffix.

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